Are You Ready to Start Your Coaching Business Or Take It to The Next Level?


I Am Committed to Help Coaches Build Rock Solid Foundation For A Thriving Coaching Business That Is Authentic, Stands On Multiple Income Pillars And Fits With The Lifestyle Of Your Choice!


Do you want to enjoy this rewarding profession of helping people but…

Erika Kalmar Coaching Biz Start-Up Strategist

… You feel lost in how to start building your business or how to take it further? 

… You are tired of being the best kept secret in your niche? 

… You are frustrated about giving tons of free sessions and teleclasses and having small or zero return? 

… You are fed up with playing small and not earning what you deserve? 

… You are terrified even hearing the word “marketing”?

I can very well relate to these – I’ve been there!

Working with me will give you the support to gain the confidence, courage, motivation and skills to move towards your business goals. (Read here more about me.)


Working With Me Is For YOU If You’re One Of These:


 You’re just transiting into the coaching profession and you’re confused about how to really do that the most efficient way (whether full time or part time)

 You’re new in business and you want to know the clear steps to setting the foundations the RIGHT (meaning also: your authentic) way

 You want to understand how a business ticks, where your priorities should lie and have a workable marketing plan

 You want to have clarity on your perfect clients and profitable solutions you can offer to them and create a clear brand for your business that makes you stand out

 You want to learn (and apply) strategies to get more prospects and convert them to clients, even if you’re unsure right now who they are or where you can find them

 You don’t know what technologies and tools are the right fit for your business (let’s face it, there are so many shiny technologies out there, it’s easy to fall into the trap of either not using the most efficient ones or just the other extreme, buying everything you bump into)

 You understand that building your list is your path to fast success but you’re unclear how to grow your community the fast way

 You want to benefit from a global clientele and are looking to build on online marketing strategies

 You want to get out from the 1:1 trap and start leveraging your time – that is package your expertise through information products, group programs and create multiple income streams for your business

 Your aim is to create a streamlined business model (motto: work smart, not hard) where you know exactly how you’re going to enroll clients and make them move up automatically in your sales funnel

 You’re aware how strategic joint venture partnerships can shorten your path to success and are keen to get started with that

Any of these is YOU?


Then let’s talk! It seems like we might be a good fit. Read on…


“I Had 4 Satisfied Clients”

Erika has been invaluable as a small business coach.  I gained clarity about my target audience, product offerings, marketing strategy and web presence.  In less than 3 months, we created a blueprint and an execution plan, and before we were finished I had 4 satisfied clients.  I recommend Erika to anyone who wants to launch a business, gain momentum, and be strategic in their marketing.  She has the ability to draw the best out of you by asking you powerful questions that get you moving in the direction of your goals.

~ Lindis Courtney,


This Is The Type Of Client I Work Best With…

My programs are for people who are enthused and committed to building a successful coaching business.

They are eager to learn and they embrace change.

They are ready to leave behind non-supportive beliefs and mindsets and develop new beliefs and habits that support their success.

They have high ethical standards.

They are action-oriented and take full responsibility for their actions (or lack of actions).

They see the glass “half full” instead of “half empty”, meaning: they are excited about new opportunities where others see only challenges.

Being a positive thinker and someone who loves humor, working with an alike person helps to bring lightness into this serious world of building your business.


If this is you, I will be happy to serve as your champion, guide, accountability partner and your encourager of possibility as you break down obstacles, find new perspectives, and take deliberate, time-tested and proven steps to achieve your business goal.


“I Didn’t Know Where To Start At The Beginning…”
“I have worked with Erika to build my coaching business. She was extremely helpful in getting me started and creating a roadmap, it just seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start at the beginning. Now I have a defined niche and target audience, along with a plan on what my next steps are. It is still a working progress, but Erika gave me the boost that I really needed to start going down the right path.”
Mandy Ho


Do You Want to Know How I’m Different From Other Coaches?


And I’m more than glad to explain why my approach is unique!


FIRST, I specialize myself in supporting coaches – and coaches only. If you’re life coach, business coach, career coach (I have 10 years’ experience in this one), performance coach, health coach, consultant or trainer, then you’re in good company!


SECOND, I DON’T offer one-off sessions. This is for the simple reason that I like to see your business with a holistic approach – that is creating a business vision that fits with your lifestyle choice. Therefore instead of giving quick how-to help, I prefer long-term relationships where I know your vision and mission and can work hand in hand in creating a business that serves just that.


THIRD, you WON’T hear from me that “here is the magic pill, take it and you’ll have a 6-figure business overnight.” There are two main reasons for that:

  • I don’t believe in getting rich overnight. Building a 6-figure business requires work. It doesn’t have to be the hard way (there is a way to work smart and not hard and I’d love to go through this path with you) but it IS work.
  • There is NO magic cure for every pain. I believe that every individual and every business is different – what works for one person might not work for another. That’s why I’m not telling you that “here are my 9 steps, follow them”. Your 9-steps might be totally different from someone else’s.
And exactly for the reason I just stated here, I’m not specialized in one slice of business building. I’m not a technology coach or a sales conversion guru or a program design specialist. As a Coaching Business Start-Up Strategist I’m supporting my clients in each of these business building phases – and we’ll see together what exactly from my expertise you’ll need along our path together.


My aim is to help you build a business:

  • That embodies your vision
  • That is authentic to you (that’s why a “take-it-and-apply” process is not good)
  • That stands on multiple income pillars (so that you can maximize your leverage and revenue-generating opportunities while free up time for the essentials)
  • That fits with your lifestyle choice (you need to create a business that serves you not the other way around, if you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed and overworked)
  • And… be your partner in your success from A to Z

I just remember too well how hard it was for me to start my business and having to run to 20 different experts, each of them knowing only their piece of expertise…

… signing up to over 100 (!) newsletters and fighting with information overload…

… and not knowing for sure if I’d need all of those techniques and if so, how shall I prioritize them…

This is exactly the type of effort that I would like to save you!


“The Feeling Of Overwhelm Is Gone And It Has Been Replaced With Clarity And Action Steps…”

“I was just beginning to create my coaching practice and was totally overwhelmed as to how to break it down and where to begin.

Erika, you have such a confident, encouraging and focused approach to tackling the large amount of work and energy needed to start-up a new business.  You held me accountable, provided encouragement and helped me prioritize what needed to be done. You were extremely supportive through the entire process – you truly listened and understood what I was saying and feeling. 

The branding and marketing exercises were fantastic and allowed the creativity to flow.  Your insights into social media and SEO were invaluable.

Through our work together, I have the confidence and outline to follow to continue moving forward.

The feeling of overwhelm is gone and it has been replaced with clarity and action steps.

Erika, thank you for your coaching, wisdom and insights.  I felt your unwavering support through each step.”

~ Coach Susan


Here Are Some Of The Core Areas We’ll Work On In Our Time Together…


I’m not an expert in everything! But I do invest a LOT into myself and have gained expertise in several areas.

Here’s a snapshot of topics we’ll most probably cover during our work together, while keeping in mind that you bring the agenda (watch for the last two points, they are my absolute favorites!):

 Your business plan (what you need and what you don’t, your business vision, income goal, costs and revenues etc.)

 Your business model (your blueprint on how to generate your income goal)

 Your niche (your perfect clients, their challenges and your answer to them)

 Your branding (so that you stand out from your competition)

 Your product portfolio (how to set it up smart so that it leads your customer from one to the other, effortlessly – meaning minimizing your work and maximizing your revenue)

 List building (here you’ll learn some usual and less usual – and fun – ways of building your prospect list

 Your marketing strategy (these 5 points on your list will give you consistency and focus, so you’ll know week in and week out what you need to do)

 Your client enrollment skills (this is about your authentic way of enrolling clients to your 1:1 or group programs)

 Online marketing (reaching a global clientele requires setting up a client-catching website and using social media and other online strategies)

 Forging strategic partnerships (many coaches start doing this only after 2-3 years in business,  when they still didn’t hit their income goal – don’t fall into this mistake yourself!)

 Technologies and tools (one of my assets is that I’m still doing many of these IT- related stuff myself, without outsourcing, so I can help you with what exactly you need and you don’t in order to reach your business goals and how to work with these tools the most efficient way

 Packaging your expertise (this is about creating a business that doesn’t require your presence 20/40/60 hours a week, by simply leveraging your time and revenue and creating multiple income streams in your business – this is one of the topics I’m most passionate about!)

Sounds like a plan? Let’s make it more specific!


“The Session We Had Helped Me Think Deeper About My Business…”

“I have changed my website contents and I am very excited to embark myself on this trip again. I have finally decided to focus on coaching for small business teams (restaurants, hotels and family businesses).

Having this new focus on my coaching niche has helped me remove the anxiety I was feeling about this. Thank you very much.”

~ Jackeline Cobian


Here’s How To Get Started With Me – My Programs Under The Loop


You feel we’re a good fit so far? I’m happy and honored to help you build up the business of your dreams!

Here are the programs that I’m currently offering:

DISCLAIMER: Availability of these programs can vary. All these programs are application-only based and as soon as you send us your request, we’ll let you know if that program is available to you or we’ll give you our recommendation for an alternative.


12 Months’ Diamond Coaching Program


This exclusive program is designed for coaches who are looking for a maximum of support, accountability, information and personal attention. This program includes 1:1 coaching calls for a period of 12 months,  email support in between, my secret list of resources and additional training products and surprise bonuses.

This is the highest level of access to me and your commitment in this program ensures your continuous growth and moving towards your vision of business success.


6 Months’ Platinum Coaching Program


This program is a good fit for you if you’re looking for support only to jumpstart your business. For a whole period of 6 months you’ll get 1:1 coaching calls, limited email support, my secret list of resources and surprise bonuses.


Business Breakthrough Intensive Day


This program is the best choice for you if you need some strategic one-time help to get you off and running right away.

You have a choice of three packages – Business Planning, Get More Clients or a Custom Intensive Day (where you can put together the topics á la carte). The Intensive Day program includes 6 hours’ private access to me (might be split into 2-3 consecutive days), the call recording(s), handouts, templates, groundwork assignment, a 60-minute follow-up session and other bonuses.


Ready to get started?

Then please fill in the form on the bottom of this page and we’ll send you the application form and information on how to schedule a “get-to-know” session with me.


“Changed The Way I Look At My Business…”

“I had the pleasure of working with Erika on a VIP Day where we concentrated on my business start-up needs.

She offered tremendous insights which have changed the way I look at my business.

The pre-course and post-course exercises also proved extremely valuable and have helped me to put together tangible business plans which make sense.”

~ David Norrington

What kind of results may I expect – you might be asking at this stage…


Here Are Some Of The Outcomes You’ll Enjoy As A Result Of Working Together With Me…


Here are just some of things that will unfold for you once we’ll work hand in hand to drive your business to success:

  • Get out of overwhelm and have a clear action plan
  • Get crystal clear on your perfect clients
  • Have a 1-page business plan (your business model) that tells you at a glance how you’re going to reach your income goal
  • Have a distinctive brand so that you feel confident and you know exactly how you stand out from others
  • Build a website that sells (I also have a separate program only covering this topic)
  • Create an irresistible free offer that gets people sign up on your list
  • Put online and offline marketing actions in place to find and enroll new clients
  • Start to be seen as the “go-to” expert in your field
  • Build a list of targeted prospects so that you create a loyal community to whom you can market again and again
  • Create compelling programs / products that your prospects will be eager to buy
  • Package your expertise via information products, group programs and by introducing multiple income streams into your business
  • Use the right technologies (your website, autoresponder, shopping cart, affiliate program, social media, online marketing tools etc.)
  • Get more leads and clients
  • Design and fill your group programs


People Often Ask This – “How Fast Can I Expect These Results?”


I’m sure you agree with me that there is no specific response to this question that I could give to you. The results are yours, just as are your actions and your pace of acting. In one word, the results depend on your level of commitment and also on where you are right now in your business. However, people start to see results very soon, often after the first few weeks, once the feeling of overwhelm is gone.


“Every Hour Spent Is Well Worth The Investment…”

“Before I started listening to Erika and then following her work, I was a fresh out of coaching school with no idea of what it took to build a coaching business. 

Erika is a great help in so many areas. She is easy to talk to, she listens and has a positive way of encouraging you move forward toward your goals. Her programs are full of powerful useful information. 

I have grown at a much faster pace than I could have on my own. Every hour spent is well worth the investment. My business is on the path to great success because of Erika’s teaching. 

I am hosting my first giveaway event now that I have completed with her guidance. I feel confident to reach for everything she has so effectively taught. There is true freedom in correct knowledge.

Thank you Erika for all you have poured into this program it is wonderful!”

~ Jody Smith, Integrity Business Solutions LLC,


Ready To Make The Leap And Partner With Me?


I’d be honored to support you!


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