The 7 Biggest Newsletter Mistakes Coaches Make – Part 2

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In Part 1 to this article we had a look at the first 3 newsletter mistakes coaches make. As a reminder, these were: lack of focus, lack of regularity and too much info. To read more on these, have a look at the previous article.

And now, let’s continue with our list of newsletter mistakes. Here comes number 4:

4. Lack of relevancy. Okay, this one might be similar to the first reason (lack of focus) for the first glance. The difference is that here we are not just talking about finding 1 common topic for our whole list but also a message that is highly relevant to your tribe. Something that triggers them and is linked to their pain/pleasure points. And in order to establish this, you need to interact with your list. If there is no interaction, you might think you know what those people need, whereas in reality they want something else. Conclusion: talk to your tribe, survey them on their biggest challenge and use this as newsletter message / content.

5. Talking to a group. Have you ever received an email saying “Dear Colleagues” or “Dear Coaches”? Did you feel this email spoke to you? Probably not. You might have had the feeling that it speaks to a mass of people and not specifically to you. And that is a mistake because you won’t feel important and treated as a “king”. Conclusion: write your newsletter as if you would write it to one single person and reinforce this by using their names (autoresponder messages give great possibility to personalise your emails).

6. Not writing as you talk. Hang on, what do you mean here? Yes, you read it well. Sometimes people feel like using a different language when writing than in speech. This might mean longer sentences, more formal expressions etc. The problem with this is that it will hardly be engaging for your readers. They have to feel that your email is personal, it is easy-flowing, reads well and get the eagerness of keeping on reading your story. Conclusion: write your newsletter as if you would be speaking to someone.

7. Lack of promotion. This is probably the biggest of all newsletter mistakes – sending out newsletters with valuable content but never ever giving information on how you could help your readers further. Just imagine – your reader might not even be aware that you are a coach or that you are open to take up new clients or what services you offer. What a missed out opportunity to help people! Conclusion: include a call-to-action in your newsletter to a free consultation, to a free Teleclass or to a paying program (don’t overstuff though your newsletters with these!). And if you are afraid that would be too harsh and pushy, there are so many methods you can use to make it softer. How about including it in the P.S. for example?


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