The 7 Biggest Newsletter Mistakes Coaches Make – Part 1

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 You captured the names of your website visitors?

You follow up regularly with your list?

Great, then the basics are covered.

Now the next bit is to take special care not to commit any of these newsletter mistakes:

1. Lack of focus. When preparing your newsletter article / content, do a last check before sending it out. Is it relevant for your whole list? In case not, chances are that you don’t have a narrow enough niche. This was the exact issue I encountered when I started up with my career coaching business. I identified 8 areas I could help my clients with and only upon writing the first newsletter that I realised there is no single topic that can be of interest for all of them. Conclusion: have a well-defined niche so that you have 1 common topic to write about.

2. Lack of regularity. Sometimes starting coaches make the mistake of not keeping regular contact with their tribe or not writing to them often enough to be able to build a relationship. If you thought of sending out a newsletter once a while or once a month, think of the opportunity you lose out on to engage your tribe, to get them across your value get enough visibility to convert them into a paying client. Even if you are afraid to bother them, your competitors surely will. Also, just think of that fact that people signed up to your list because they chose to. And should they feel they are spammed, they can choose to unsubscribe at any time (hint: spam is not a mass mail; spam is the feeling of getting no relevant content). Conclusion: keep regular and close contact with your tribe.


3. Too much info. Especially those people who don’t write in high enough frequency to their tribe, they decide to put all information to their monthly newsletter – 2-3 articles, plus lots of other stuff. Once you give out a newsletter that is too long, it will shy away people from reading it. The same happens with too many links to send your readers to. They might choose to follow one and might miss out on others. Conclusion: include only 1 article per newsletter. If you have 2, even better – split them and it will give you good enough occasion to keep contact with your tribe during 2 newsletter phases.

For the remaining 4 mistakes, read Part 2 in the next article.

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