The #1 Key Coaches Ignore When It Comes To Choosing Their Free Irresistible Offer

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I am busy with finalizing the material for my Client-Catching Coaching Websites group training program that starts this week.


And one of the bonus items I include in this program is an additional training on how to create your irresistible free offer.


Let me share with you now one thought that I pulled out from this training content.


Every coach heard about the term “free irresistible offer” (unless they are just coming out from coach training).


This is the ethical bribe, your tool to get your prospects’ email address in return for a hot freebie – whether it’s an audio, a video, a written report or a workbook that you provide them.


But based on my experience with talking to coaches, many people misunderstand the concept of the free irresistible offer.


They think the key is to get prospects sign up to their list. But what many coaches tend to forget is to map out their marketing funnel and see how exactly this free offers fits into their offerings.


Let me explain.


Your free irresistible offer is there to resolve a problem your potential client has. So what will be their next step? What will they need at that stage? And more importantly – what do you offer them that can answer to this need?


A final question – How will your free irresistible offer lead in a self-explanatory way to your paying offer?


You see, far too many coaches just randomly choose a special report topic and they don’t see that it has a strategic importance!


You have to fit your free offer into your marketing funnel so that you can get your prospects move up and up… the first step being your free offer, the second… it’s up to you to work it out!


Realistically seen, how well does your current free offer fit into your marketing funnel? And more importantly – what changes are you going to make? Leave your comment below.


If you want help with designing your free IRRESISTIBLE offer (and not just any) or you want to transform your current site to a client-magnet tool, then let me guide you through my Client-Catching Coaching Websites group training program that I’m PERSONALLY leading starting NEXT WEEK and save you lots of time and frustration! Get The Program Details Here!


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