It’s Not Thanksgiving – Can I Still Be Personal?

| December 8, 2011 | 4 Comments

The end of the year is always a great occasion to look back and reflect on the past 12 months: What did I enjoy most? What were the highlights that I will cherish till the end of my life? What were the major experiences and people I learned from?

Well, as this is pretty much the end of the year, let me be a bit personal here and share a couple of things from my year with you. I know, this is quite unusual – from me, who is normally blogging about business building tips and resources, ha? 🙂

Let me start with being grateful for my biggest supporters in my life. These being:

My wonderful family – the biggest source of energy for me and the biggest joy I could have ever imagined.

Here is a photo about me and my husband, taken at the seaside. Me – Hungarian, my husband Ippokratis – half-Greek and half-Vietnamese. We speak a very funny language mix together – a sort of Hungaro-Greco-French but it works perfectly well… Ippokratis is a true support for me in whatever I do in life!

And this is my lovely son, Max. Only 2,5 years old but he is completely trilingual. No wonder, in this Babel of languages we live in! Full of joy and love, with Max I re-discovered spontaneity and creativity as I observe him playing along. A true inspiration.

My bigger family and friends – even if living in different countries, they are always there for me (how easy in today’s Skype-world, right?). And it’s lovely to be part of such an international community.

You – who gives me the strength to continue what I do on a daily basis, who give me continuous feedback, directions and phenomenal support. I’m so grateful you’re here!

My team – they are the ones who are behind the scene and take care of all those things of which you only see the end result – a well organized event, beautiful design etc.

My mentors – life is an ongoing learning process. If it wouldn’t be, I wouldn’t feel good on this planet. My mentors make it possible to set new directions and continue my learning path to new heights.

And I cannot NOT mention the name of Tony Robbins who is ultimately “responsible” for me making the big leap a few years ago, leaving behind the corporate world and launching my coaching business. Without him and his eye-opening exercises I wouldn’t be here today. (Maybe more about this in another article?)

My dance business – dance is my hobby. Better said, Greek dance is my passion. I teach, I organise international events and I couldn’t be where I am today, without having the opportunity to care for this passion of mine.

Just for the fun part, here is a video showing me dancing with a small group of friends. This is a dance from the island of Crete where women are allowed to lead the dance and do improvisations. This is what you see at the beginning of the video.


So what happened in 2011?

Well, in my dance business I organised 3 events with participants from over 8 countries and I loooved the positive energy that was in the air! 🙂

In my coaching business, I had 2 big launches this year:

  • my Coaching Business Start-Up Blueprint that is available now as Home Study Program and
  • my Business Planning Week where I’m working with a small committed group of coaches to set directions for 2012

And I also hosted a highly successful virtual event, the Giveaway For Coaches, that I’m very proud of! 🙂


So how about my directions for 2012?

Well, I’m not going to reveal all my secrets yet :-), but I can tell you already some of the things I cooked up for you:

  • In 2012 I’m launching and personally leading 3 big programs (watch out for details about these in February, April and September 2012)
  • I’m going to launch my membership program (details will be out soon)
  • And I’m going to host again the Giveaway For Coaches – save the date already: September 3 thru 17

And all this, still working only part time, taking 1,5 months off for vacation in July (Greece is calling!) and 3 weeks in December.

Can you see why I’m so excited for 2012? 🙂

Now it’s your turn!

Leave me a comment below on what and who you are grateful for this year and what your big projects and goals and dreams are for 2012! I’m so curious to read your personal sharings…

And before I forget: the year didn’t end yet!

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is not quite here yet but I have a present for you! Starting this Sunday, 12/11 I’m running a huge 72-hour sale for my products, only for members of my loyal community. If you are part of this, then watch for a special anouncement in your email box this Sunday!

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  1. Joanne says:

    thank you for sharing a little bit of your personal life… and wow! this video made me feel like dancing with you 🙂
    have a wonderful end of year, and may 2012 be amazing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Joanne, thanks for chiming in! I’m glad you liked the video. Dancing with me could be a reality for you at any time, I believe we are in the same town. 🙂

      I wish you as well lots of success and a fabulous prosperous year!

  2. You have a very wonderful family.

    For me, 2011 hasn’t really  been a good year.  My husband and I had decided to get a divorce at the beginning of the year.  This did help me to spend more time on my blog writing articles on the subject of Arthritis (which I have).  My blog has received an amazing amount of comments on how people were so glad that I had written about the different aspects of Arthritis and how they had been trying to find information on this or that and how my blog had the answers they were looking for in terms they could understand.

    In 2012 I am embarking on new journey as an Arthritis Foundation Ambassador to Congress.  I will be speaking to my Senators and 
    Representative about Arthritis Research funding and I will have a different assignment each month to complete.  I will also have an opportunity to tell my own story about my Arthritis.  I believe that this will lend more credibility to my expertise and will finally give me the boost to get my first clients.  You see I have started a Health Information Service to help others to take control of their health by arming themselves with information about their health concerns and give them an edge so they can better communicate those concerns to their health care professionals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, Angela – your story is so inspiring! How a sad event lead to something so great – being able to help people and change their lives. And what great goals you set for yourself for 2012 – I wish you a great journey from all my heart!

      Thank you for sharing! Erika

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