Help! How Do I Explain The Value Of My Coaching?

| March 26, 2012 | 4 Comments

This weekend I attended Bill Baren’s The Big Shift Experience. As its name promised, I had a big shift that you will notice in my business model very soon and there were so many other learnings and takeaways that I can start putting into practice straight away. Can you tell I’m boosting with energy?

One of the topics that came up several times during the event was about the value we coaches provide. This is a topic I wrote about already, but since it’s so crucial to put it to the right place, I would like to share my thoughts on this.


We coaches chose this wonderful profession because we feel that we have a gift to share with the world – the gift of supporting people.

And if you’re like me, then probably you would even do this free of charge, if you wouldn’t have to deal with finances – let’s say you would be born into a wealthy family or if you would get a house and a car and allowance each month from somewhere in the universe.


Many coaches are not aware of the power of their coaching and the value it adds to their clients’ lives. They tend to underestimate themselves, they say “I just coached them” and they seriously undercharge (this is one of those steps leading to not respecting the energy of money).

Sounds familiar?


Let me highlight a secret (again). The value doesn’t lie in you, neither in your coaching, harsh as it may sound to many people.

The value lies in the result your client is going to achieve via working with you.

They are not investing in you – they are investing in themselves. And when they are looking to invest in themselves, they are looking at the added value they are going to receive. In other words, the results they are going to get from that work.

Does that make sense?


In the light of this statement, let’s get back to our initial question now – “How do I explain the value of coaching?”.

Here is the answer – you don’t!

Hah??? So what do you do then?


Let me share with you a piece of wisdom from Module #3 of my Client-Catching Coaching Websites program, where I was talking about how to craft a copy that sells.

When you’re planning your vacation in Thailand and talk to your travel agent, what is he/she most likely to tell you? Is he going to talk about the comfort of the flight you take or the meals on board?

Of course not!


They are going to talk about the beauty of the country, the landscape, the people, the sights, the activities you can do there. They will even show you fancy brochures with fabulous photos on places you can visit (have you seen a travel agent showing photos of the flight?).

Can you see the link here?


When you are trying to explain on your website or in your web copy or in your elevator pitch the value of coaching, what coaching means or what coaching model you use, it is just like as if you would explain the comfort of that flight.

Will any of your potential clients be bothered about that?

No. (Small correction: maybe, in a second step. Read on.)

In the first place, they will be interested in finding out where they are going, what is awaiting them (do you remember – the beauty, the landscape…).


So give them what they are looking for – talk about where they are now, feel the pain they feel and show them what is possible on the other side, what result they are going to achieve and what that will mean for their life.

Paint them the picture.

And you know, sometimes a picture is worth thousand words…


What are your thoughts? How are you using this strategy in your business already – and how does it work? I would love to read your comments.

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  1. Jay Westbrook says:

    Erika,  The truth is the truth, and thank you for speaking it so simply and straight-forwardly.   as always, in love & service – jay
    G Jay Westbrook,  M.S., R.N.
    Clinical Director,  Compassionate Journey

    • Erika Kalmar says:

      Hi Jay, thanks for chiming in. Indeed, so many coaches struggle with this question – that’s the reason I want to get this myth dissolved…
      To your success,

  2. Pamela Henning-Blezard says:

     Hi Erika, you make a very valid point here…. The reason I got into Life Coaching was because, I was already coaching and didn’t realize it… My husband told me I should seriously look into taking the certification and making it my career, instead of always GIVING IT AWAY.  I guess I just came by it naturally…. people have always come to me…. So you make a very good point here.

    • Erika Kalmar says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Great to hear back from you! It’s just so rewarding if you discover your life purpose and make a living from your natural gift, isn’t it?
      Thank you for sharing.

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