Are these excuses holding you back?

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One thing I am noticing among coaches I talk to on various forums is they tend to quote the same reasons why they are stuck with their business. They would love to move forward, but they just simply can’t because of some very specific reasons, so they tend to wait and see when these reasons will be sorted out.

Are we really talking about reasons or excuses? Because the difference is huge!

Do you catch yourself talking in conditional sentences like “If I will sort out this, then I will do that?”? Then this article might just be the right reading for you…

Here are the 4 most often-heard excuses and some tips on what you can do about them:

Excuse #1 – “I don’t have a clear niche yet”. Many coaches recognize the importance of a niche and link their whole business planning and marketing activities to that. Which means that they cannot start with their business planning or marketing themselves “because” they don’t have a clear niche yet. If that is you, have you really taken a structured approach in order to explore your authentic niche? People who enrolled in my Blueprint Program, found that bit (and the bonus 30 Questions Workbook to identifying their winning & authentic niche) particularly useful and this is a topic that my 1:1 clients also often address in our sessions. So there is help available!

Sometimes still it happens though, that getting crystal clarity about our niche is just a matter of time and… practice! So the best remedy in case you are unsure what would fit you best is just to take on as many clients as you can (even on pro-bono basis) and coach and coach and coach. Practice will help you clarify your preferences both in terms of your specialism and your ideal target clients (it doesn’t hurt if you get clarity about who you would like to work with, right?). Ready, steady, coach!

Excuse #2 – “I don’t have content/documents yet”. This is again a common one. I first have to develop content for my programs or welcome documents and then start up at all. The problem is: I cannot hear the excitement in your voice when you say that. Maybe, because there isn’t? How about this: would you feel more motivated to develop your famous content or your essential documents AFTER receiving a few hundreds of dollars on your bank account? I bet, you would! The best remedy for not having content or documents is you see, marketing yourself, finding a paying client and you will happily develop the missing content or welcome package – and I suspect, in a record time…

Excuse #3 – “I don’t have my website up yet”. Aha, this means you cannot market yourself until your website is ready and up on the world wide web? Put your hand on your heart: is this really a reason why you couldn’t START market yourself? How about accepting the situation and looking for alternative ways of putting your name out on the market, while waiting for your website to be ready? How about networking, starting with friends and asking for referrals etc? If you accept a word of advice from me, anyway I discourage you to set up a website unless you have 100% certainty about your niche and offerings. Most starting coaches have a niche idea in their heads which often gets polished with time, but how about the investment that was made into a wrong website then? But if all these still didn’t convince you and you absolutely want to have your website up, how about starting small, with a “skeleton” with info on yourself and your contact details. This way prospects can find back something on you on internet and you can also add further pages in the future, without having to change the complete structure of your site.

Excuse #4 – “I don’t have a marketing strategy yet”. Most often this is because the person wants to explore all possible options and as the number of such options is unlimited, this is going to be a never-ending story. But when will you then actually start making money? Good news: you can work out your marketing strategy at any stage of your business. The main thing is that you ACT now! Do whatever strategy you currently have in mind and that is doable to bring you income. You can always come back to your decision and add or take away.

And here is the bottom line: whichever of these excuses you are using to procrastinate, add up how much money you are leaving on the table by not acting. How much does non-acting cost you in a month? And how long have you been procrastinating already?

Because I understand that you want to have a perfect planning and perfect circumstances in place before you start attracting clients, but believe me, your coaching business will always be a Work In Progress. It will never be done. There will always be things to do, strategies to consider, choices to make, content to elaborate. So if you are waiting for that to be done forever, I am afraid you will never really get started.

Remember my words and… ACT!

What are the excuses that are holding you back personally? Share your thoughts with us!

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