8 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Facebook Page – After The Latest FB Changes

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Many coaches put lots of hope into Facebook as a client-catching platform. They’re investing time and energy into creating their FB page and spending precious hours with posting and ‘friending’ people. Not to mention all those trainings on Facebook that you can literally throw away after each change (meaning every couple of months or so).


Yes, Facebook is a mysterious tool that many people don’t know how to use to its maximum efficiency – AND without wasting tremendous amount of time.


If we just look at the changes FB did in the last 1 year, it completely reshapes the business landscape.


Mid 2011 they introduced the Timeline approach for private accounts, then introduced a new algorithm that decided what goes into your (or your fans’) newsfeed. Earlier some ‘likes’ were enough to get featured in news feeds, now your content must be relevant, engaging and you must have returning fans so that your posts appear in their news feed.


In March 2012 FB changed business accounts to the Timeline format and with this introduced the idea of a cover photo. So people started creating pretty cover photos, although studies show that they are rarely looked at (not to mention limitations that FB created for the cover images, like interdiction of using call-to-actions, contact info, prices or discounts).


FB also removed the default landing tabs – they still exist in an icon format, but you can no longer oblige your visitors to like your page before releasing your content.


So as you can see, Facebook is constantly changing – and so do FB marketing strategies. Earlier some regular (even automated) posts and a default landing tab set as opt-in page was enough to get started the right way.


Here are some tips on what you can do now with your Facebook page to get the most out of it:


1. Post highly relevant and engaging content that your fans will be likely to share (not just like).


2. Post regularly so that your fans return (as I mentioned earlier, you need to have returning fans so that your posts are featured in their news feed).


3. Use images – inspiring, emotional or funny but relevant to your content. Just think of your newsfeed – what are you most likely to notice when scanning through your FB page? Probably images or photos right? Use the same things yourself too.


4. Add any relevant links you want your visitors to go to in the image description.


5. Always ask to share and comment on your post so that your visitors get engaged in a conversation. Just posting in itself is not enough.


6. Schedule posts (yes, you can do this now in FB and it’s free!) so that you don’t spend time every day on Facebook. Here is a resource that explains how to schedule posts.


7. If your posts don’t get featured in your friends’ and fans’ news feed as often as you would think, you can also use a promoted post (yes, this is a paying service and therefore has a higher reach). Here is an article from Mashable that explains how to create a promoted post.


8. Manage your expectations – Facebook is not the most effective tool for every step of your marketing cycle. Be clear with how and where FB can help you best and spend your time accordingly.


What is your FB strategy? How much time are you spending on Facebook and on what activities? Share your thoughts for the benefit of our coach community.



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