5 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask About Finding An Extraordinary (And Reliable) Web Designer (Plus Here Are The Answers)

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Setting up a website is a HUGE financial commitment. And what makes it even easier to procrastinate, is the fear of getting the wrong end result – which is not only an ugly or nonfunctional design but also additional investment to correct it.

Have you gone through something similar yourself? Then you know what I’m talking about.


In today’s virtual world you’re just one step away from finding a web designer at any corner of the world AND at the same time, you’re one step away from… crockery.

So the major concern that many coaches have are – how do I find the right partner? And most importantly, how do I avoid ending up paying a bunch of money for an end-result that sucks?

Here are 5 often-asked questions that I hear from coaches – and my quick tips for you.


Question #1: How do I filter out “spammers” or unserious providers?

Answer #1: If you’re looking for a designer on an online platform of contractors like Odesk or Elance, here is an easy trick you can use:

Include in your project description a phrase that you ask to repeat back, an instruction that you ask to follow or a set of questions you ask to answer. (Make it clear that if this step is not respected, they are out of the bidding process.) And wait for the bids coming in.


If they send a generic blah-blah bids – hit the delete button.

If they didn’t include your “magic phrase”, answers to your questions or didn’t follow all your instructions – hit the delete button.

The thing is, if they don’t respect your instructions before even starting the project, how can you expect them to fully cooperate with you and listen (and listen deeply) to what you’re looking for later on?


Question #2: How do I know which providers shall I beware of?

Answer #2: Of course I cannot generalize here, but here are a couple of rules of thumb:

If they reply to your project within 2 minutes of posting it, then probably their strengths doesn’t include paying attention to what was being asked, reading every single letter and customizing their answer to your case.

If they state to be able to do everything and anything, probably reality is rather the opposite.

If they are asking for a big upfront payment, then again some question marks would arise in me.

If you respect these three rules, then you protected yourself already from the worst.


Question #3: How much will it cost me?

I might sound like a broken record with talking about “today’s virtual world” again, but fact is, you can get a designer from the most remote villages of the most remote countries. Thus, web design prices also vary.

So the question is not any more – how much does it cost to set up a website.

The correct question is – how much do you want it to cost.

Don’t be shy to let them know your budget – you’ll be surprised to see that you can always find providers that match it (of course, make sure that it’s not at the expense of quality!).


Question #4: I found the right one (probably)! How can I make sure we’re a good match?

There are more things you can do than you would imagine!

Check out their portfolio, have a feel for their style. Some designers always deliver the same style – and if it doesn’t coincide with your taste, it’s a no-go.

Have a look at what other customers said – read every single feedback, read between the lines. You found some red flags? Rather pass.

Interview them! A company won’t hire someone from the street just based on their resume, right? They will conduct an interview with the selected person – at least once. This is exactly what you too can do – and while you’re there on the line, get all your questions answered.


Question #5: How do I avoid paying money and getting crap design?

Answer #5: The key here is to use a secure platform – just like Elance or Odesk. You’ll be required to fund the project, but you won’t release a penny until the agreed milestone is reached. Satisfaction first, payment second – in this order.

The second key to peace of mind is having everything in writing. Discuss all the details (there are more of them than what you would think!) AND put them into writing. In case of dispute, it is the written project description and milestone setting that counts, so do yourself a favor and W-R-I-T-E down everything.


Now it’s your turn – what are your outsourcing questions? Just leave me a comment below…


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