20 No-Cost To Low-Cost Tools For Your Business – Part II

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In my previous article I shared with you 10 free and low-cost tools that every coach should have on their list.

Check out now my next lot of 10 tools that I’m using in my business and therefore personally recommend.

Click here to read the first 10.

And here you go the next lot:

11. HootSuite – A highly efficient – and freesocial media platform from which you can send messages to all your social media profiles and more than that! You can also schedule your messages for a future time and view all your incoming tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn messages etc. – all in one place.


12. PayPal – The easiest way to accept payment. You sign up for an account and your client can send you money, you can request money (and send an invoice) or you can create “Buy now” buttons for your products to put on your website. Your customers will have the possibility to pay by any major credit card or via Paypal. There is a small fee retained for incoming payments, but the advantage is that you get the payment on your account straight away.


13. Vistaprint – a cheap address to turn to for ordering stationery (business cards, brochures, flyers etc.) but even designing a “simple” logo for your business. I recently also ordered a beautifully designed publicity sticker for my car. Prices depend on quality and quantity.


14. Clipart – This free image gallery could be your starting point for checking out images for your blog or slides before paying for iStockPhotos or similar services. It belongs to the Microsoft group and might be already installed on your computer.


15. Fiverr – This is an awesome place to come to if you need a logo or header design (but you can check out all those other crazy services as well). It is a platform of freelancers providing services for $5! I got lovely 3D e-covers designed there – you can see them on my website here or here.


16. Odesk and Elance – Are two great addreses if you are looking to outsource some services. You can find Virtual Assistants or get people transcribe your audio, design your website, create a salespage or copywrite for your salespage. Both are a platform of freelancers where you can post your job and receive bids. A word of advice – check out carefully your partners references and interview them before you hire anyone!


17. BoxNet – Full content and sharing management with user access permissions. Links are attributed to individual documents or entire folders that you can share with your clients or partners. Free service or for a small fee, depending the features you need. Free trial. This might be the simplest way to provide a membership site – where you direct paying customers to the relevant BoxNet link to download their package.


18. Wishlist Member – If you want to seriously set up a membership program or create a micro-continuity program or deliver a home-study program in small chunks, then Wishlist Member is the best tool to handle your backoffice for that. You can create multiple membership levels (comes handy if you want to create a 2-tier program with different inclusions) and also offer free, trial or paid access. It provides 100% security and confidentiality to your program content and you can deliver your program fully automated. You can even get members upgraded to the next program level and send emails to all program members. Other useful features include sequential content delivery, hiding content or giving “sneak-peak” content to attract clients to sign up, secure RSS feed etc. Wishlist Member is actually a plugin that you simply download to your WordPress and you are ready to go.


19. WP Affiliate Platform – A great solution for creating your affiliate system. We all know that getting affiliates spreading the word on your programs and products is the easiest way to sale. Affiliates can sign up (or you can sign them up) and get their affiliate links. You can set the parameters of commission and elapse time (for how long an affiliate partner should receive commission after a new client) etc. You can also provide promotional materials to your affiliates (text or banners) and check who sent how many people on your site. This is a plugin that you just simply download to your WordPress site and you are done.


20. Eventbrite –A powerful event promotion platform. You can create and edit your events directly here, whether live or virtual, paying or free. You can define maximum number of tickets to sell and get paid for your tickets sold directly. You can promote your event with one click on your various social media profiles, including LinkedIn groups you belong to (tremendous time saved!) and manage client communication (emails, reminders). And the best thing is that you pay your small fee after your actual sale – no upront payment is asked (in case you offer a free event like a free teleclass, of course there is no commission to pay).


Are you using any of these tools? What’s your experience with them?

Add your recommendation as well in the comment below.



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  1. Renae says:

    Erika – GREAT content and additions to my growing roledex!!!

    You may want to check the link to connect back to Part I – doesn’t seem to work.

    Keep up the great content!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Renae,

      Thanks for chiming in. I’m so glad you found this useful!

      We corrected the link to Part I in the meantime – thanks for pointing this out.

      Have a lovely weekend,


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