Build Rock Solid Foundation For Your Coaching Business –

That Is Authentic, Stands On Multiple Income Pillars And Fits With The Lifestyle Of Your Choice!


Erika Kalmar Coaching Biz Start-Up Strategist


Are you new to BUSINESS?

Do you want to understand how to build a business with the RIGHT strategies and tools?

Do you feel OVERWHELMED by the lots of “this-is-how-you-do-it” advice you’re getting on internet?


Welcome to Start-Up-Land…


And let me tell you, I can relate – I used to be in the same shoes!


When I Started Up, I Felt Overwhelmed…


Completely overwhelmed.

I didn’t know where to start, what direction to go to – and most importantly, how to do it, to build a successful business.

It took me several months’ of research and trial-and-error (and subscribing to over 100 newsletters!) to figure out what my next step should be.

Worst of all, I felt confused with all the contradictory information coming from experts, each claiming that theirs is the only way to success.

How Do You Put Together The Pieces Of Such A Puzzle?

The answer is – honestly, you don’t.

It took me a while until I found out that there is no ONE magic recipe to success. We are all different individuals, with different needs and goals. So it’s just logical, that each of us will need DIFFERENT strategies to achieve them.

That’s my key philosophy when mentoring and coaching coaches – I’m not selling the one and only magic formula. Instead, we’re working together, hand in hand, to put together the right vision and goal for your business and then pull together the most EFFECTIVE and AUTHENTIC strategy to build your business.

No matter what?

No matter what! Whether your goal is to:

  • Reach $100k or $200k revenue this year
  • Book yourself solid with 40 clients or put your bets on group programs
  • Sell your low-cost e-books or exclusive high-ticket programs (or both)
  • Build a local or global clientele

we’ll dig out the best possible BUSINESS MODEL and MARKETING PLAN for you and create your weekly action plan around it. That’s my promise!


“I Had 4 Satisfied Clients…”

“Erika has been invaluable as a small business coach.  I gained clarity about my target audience, product offerings, marketing strategy and web presence.  In less than 3 months, we created a blueprint and an execution plan, and before we were finished I had 4 satisfied clients.”

~ Lindis Courtney


“Every Hour Spent Is Well Worth The Investment…”

“I was a fresh out of coaching school with no idea of what it took to build a coaching business.  Erika is a great help in so many areas. She is easy to talk to, she listens and has a positive way of encouraging you move forward toward your goals. Her programs are full of powerful useful information.  I have grown at a much faster pace than I could have on my own. Every hour spent is well worth the investment. My business is on the path to great success because of Erika’s teaching.”

~ Jody Smith, Integrity Business Solutions LLC,


Do You Know What It Takes to Build A Profitable Business?


Here are some of the things you need to focus on:

  • Getting clarity on your perfect CLIENT
  • Developing your BUSINESS PLAN on how to reach them (it’s more than just drafting some action steps! It’s about preparing your BLUEPRINT to generate the income goal you set – and with a business model that fits you totally)
  • Building a WEBSITE that sells
  • Growing your COMMUNITY (also called as email list or prospect list)
  • Defining your CLIENT CONVERSION strategy (that is: how you’re going to get leads, turn them to interested prospects and then to clients)
  • Creating a SYSTEM so that you get the clients and income you deserve without feeling overworked or overwhelmed


And here are some helping resources for you:

FREE resource to start with: Look at the Coaching Business Start-Up Success Kit which you can access at no cost. You will find a comprehensive start-up checklist and an audio about 9 mistakes starting coaches make that can cost big.



Do you have a BUSINESS PLAN already? If not, make sure you prepare one – it is the cornerstone of your business. Check out My Fireproof Business Plan product.



Need support in getting the FOUNDATIONAL pieces in place? Then my Coaching Business Start-Up Blueprint Home Study Program is just the right help for you! It lays out your roadmap for the setting up the foundations, defining your product portfolio or getting clients. You can enjoy these 3 blueprints separately or together.


Do you want to build a WEBSITE that sells? Then check out my Client-Catching Coaching Websites Home Study Program! It guides you through the unique process of developing your winning web concept, designing your site’s marketing angle, crafting an extraordinary copy and quick implementation –  whether by yourself or outsourcing it.


If you prefer PERSONALIZED support: you might want to check out the Working With Erika page for more information on my Platinum Coaching Programs and Business Breakthrough Intensive Day Programs.



And before I forget, read some really juicy blog articles that will give you useful tips in building your business.


To your coaching success,


Erika Kalmar

Your Coaching Biz Start-Up Strategist