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Make Your Marketing Easy – Establish Your Credibility, Attract Ideal Clients and Explode Your Revenue With A Client-Catching Website

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Erika Kalmar

Coaching Biz Start-Up Strategist

Founder of Get Ready To Coach!


Dear Friend,

Are you fed up with having a pretty website that doesn’t bring you results – no sign-ups, no clients, no revenue?

Or are you just about to set up your first website and you’re unsure how to get started at all and avoid investing your money and time on the false end?

Then you’re just at the right place!

So many coaches get stuck with the nail-biting “how-do-I-get-clients” agony. They are chasing clients, working long hours and hop over to new strategies and tactics although the solution is right in front of their nose…


Your Website Is Your Secret Weapon!


Are you aware that your website is your secret weapon – the direct path to getting clients, money, visibility and even more clients, money and visibility?

So why would you let your products and programs collect dust if you could just as well create a highly converting website and see people sign up on your list and purchase your products?

Just imagine, how much more relieved you would feel, not having to pursue 100 different marketing tactics and how focused you could work with a streamlined business model that puts your website to the foreground and makes the best of your secret weapon…


Help, I feel overwhelmed!


This is the most typical reaction I see from coaches who are thinking about their website project.

Because setting up a website can be very complex and overwhelming. Plus, there is always this feeling of “what if I make a bad decision”

Can you relate?

There are so many questions in your head:

 What is the very first step to do?

 Do I hire a designer or shall I do it all by myself?

 Do I write the content myself or is it best to leave it to a professional?

 How can I make sure that I create a website that I won’t regret?

 How can I avoid hiring the wrong people for my project?

 How do I create a website that attracts prospects and makes them buy?

Lots of questions, which is normal – who wants to spend time and money on a website that you might need to throw away as it doesn’t bring you any results?


3 Costly Website Beliefs Coaches Have – And The Truth Behind Them


Are you having any of these common misconceptions about what a website must be like? Then read carefully, here is the truth about them:

Belief #1: “My website should have a great design.”

Truth #1: Your website first of all needs to fulfill its objective – that is signing up people to your list and getting people buy from you. Design, colors and layout is only secondary to all this.

Belief #2: “I need to tell a lot about myself.”

Truth #2: Exactly the contrary – you want to tell a lot about your client. Your aim is to build a great connection with your website visitor and you can do this only if you talk about them and not about yourself.

Belief #3: “I should describe the value of coaching.”

Truth #3: Again false. If you manage to create a client-catching website, it will build up the value of your services by itself so that nothing else will be left for your client than to take out their credit card from their wallet. This is the difference between seemless marketing and hard selling with lengthy explanations.

Now that the major myths are cleared out of the way, let me teach you the first step to get started with.


This Can Save You $30,000!


Where do you start your website project at all?

“Who cares?” – I hear you say. “Does it matter?”

Absolutely! You’ll probably read this section more carefully if I tell you that doing one of these mistakes can easily cost you up to $30,000 – this is what it cost me when I set up my first website.

You see, making the wrong decision is not just a one-time bad investment. It’s far more than just the money and time and energy you invested in your website already!

Add to it the cost of your website remake PLUS your lost income for the period you’re still dealing with your website instead of coaching people PLUS the revenue your website did not generate while it’s not operational or just doesn’t attract clients.

What could be your cost for a false investment?

So you’d better make a thorough reflection on where to start your website project!

Your first step is NOT installing WordPress.

This would be like putting the cart before the horse. By starting with the technical work, you can very easily end up creating a website that shines but one that doesn’t fulfill its main objectives – that is attracting and converting clients.

Your first step is NOT writing content.

Why? Because by writing out what you have to say will put YOU in the center and not your client. And once this is the case, your website visitor will have a hard time to connect with you and create a strong enough bond so that they would want to buy from you.

Your first step is NOT outsourcing to a web designer.

A designer is expert is coding your website and creating a certain look and feel. But a designer is not a coach (mostly), doesn’t know the coaching industry inside out (mostly), doesn’t know your target market (probably) and most importantly – doesn’t know you and your goals that you set for your website. A designer is there to follow your instructions, once you are CLEAR with what your website is about.


Here’s The #1 Step To Creating A Client-Catching Website…


In fact, if you just want to set up any website, you can start with anything.

But if your aim is to create a website that attracts prospects and sells, then your #1 step is to clarify your winning website concept.

Your website concept is your secret sauce that turns your website into a cash machine.

The success or failure of your website and everything that comes with it – whether it will bring you leads, generate prospects and convert to clients and revenue – it is all written in your website concept.

Skip this and you’ll easily end up with a costly investment into a pretty website that doesn’t bring you forward in your business at all!


You See, For Me It Took Over $30,000 And 6 Months’ Learning To Crack The Secret


For my first website, it took me over 6 months to be operational. I felt  overwhelmed, intimidated by technology, left alone without help and scattered among hundreds of different resources coming from the most various experts.

Add to this how I was terrified of making a bad (and costly!) decision and you’ll see it was not a good state to be in.

I spent days and weeks and months with trying to understand the tiniest technical details of how a website ticks so that I can decide what I need and what I wouldn’t need on my own site.

And guess what! There were always shiny new technologies coming out on the market, so this became a never-ending process.

After months of trial and error and huge additional investments, I managed to crack the code and discover the secret to build a client magnet website.

I had over 1,600 unique visitors on my site in the first month only – guess, what such a figure would mean for your business, if you would use it wisely.

And since then, I set up 5 other websites that became  my personal highly effective marketing weapons.

You see, overall, it took me over $2,000 dollars PLUS 6 months’ learning PLUS $30,000 lost income to set up my first website.

This is the type of investment and stress that I would like you to spare!

What If There Was A System That Gave You A Clear Step-By-Step Blueprint To Follow?


How would you feel if there was a system that tells you exactly what to do and in what order to create a client-catching coaching website?

A formula that you can apply whether you decide to build your site yourself or hand it over to web design professionals?

How would you like to have the resources to know where to turn to for support?

And last but not least:

What would it be worth for you to have a magic weapon that helps you avoid all those traps you can easily walk into and spare you having to pay the price of costly mistakes?


The Good News Is – There Is Such A System And You Can Access It Right Away!


My aim is to get you started with building your website the fast way and with ease so that you can get visibility, generate prospects, grow your list and get clients and revenue – fast.

That is the reason why I created this program.


Meet My Client-Catching Coaching Websites Program!

Having a clear, compelling and marketing-friendly website is the #1 step to more visibility, more interactivity with your tribe and finally – more profits for your business.

And in this program I’ll show you how to set up your client-magnet website that just does all that!

Here you get a proven system, delivered by a non-techie person (a coach just like you!), that will help you create your client-catching website without taking 6 months and several thousands of dollars of investment like I did before cracking the code.



By The End Of This Program You Will:


 Understand how your website fits into your overall marketing strategy – via the crystal clear website concept you’ll develop

 Stand out from your competition thanks to the powerful knock-out branding you’ll craft

 Make your products and services irresistible to your ideal clients as you learn how to write stunning web copy for your different pages

 Feel confident about the step-by-step process of setting up your website – even if you’re not a techie person

 Make your marketing easier by building a client-catching website – and not just any

 Avoid costly (and bad) investments and making your website a never-ending construction site


“I highly recommend Erika’s program because it gives such a detail and insight to all the needs of website development and really helps you avoid making expensive mistakes.”

“I decided to go for Erika’s Client-Catching Coaching Websites program. I knew she would provide great value, since I have participated in some of her other programs.”

“We created a blueprint and an execution plan.”

“I recommend Erika to anyone who wants to launch a business and be strategic in their marketing.” 

“Erika, you have such a confident, encouraging and focused approach to tackling large amount of work.” 

“You helped me prioritize what needed to be done.”

“The branding exercises were fantastic and allowed the creativity to flow.”

“Your insights into social media and SEO were invaluable.”

“The feeling of overwhelm is gone and it has been replaced with clarity and action steps.”

“Erika offered tremendous insights which have changed the way I look at my business.”

“I can’t tell you how many valuable information and new knowledge you have packed into your programme.” 


Here’s What You’ll Get In This Extraordinary Home Study System:


 5 Training VideosI will walk you through the simple steps you need to take before and during your website set-up process , as mentioned in Modules #1-5 (click here to see module contents) . You can watch the training videos and download the slides and MP3 recordings.
4 Expert Calls / ResourcesI want to give you all the necessary tools and resources so that you can master each of the 5 steps of your website set-up process. Therefore I’m offering 4 additional expert calls / resources that will help you gain knowledge on the topics of Niche Clarification, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting
3 Action GuidesThese comprehensive action guides help you apply the learnings from Modules 1, 2 & 4 to your case. Use these to work out your complete website concept, your marketing angle and your outsourcing brief.
2 Resource GuidesI included here my secret toolbox of website set-up toolsresourcesthemesplugins and outsourcing partners – just name it and you’ll find it all in here!  
1 Private Website Set-Up Consultation with Erika   (OPTIONAL)- Getting stuck in the website set-up process can be pretty much frustrating and time-consuming, so you have the opportunity to purchase this program with 1 live session personally with me where you can get feedback and critique on your website components and  content materials or get any questions answered. (PLUS you’ll also receive the recording)

Isn’t it amazing – all these items I included here?

Believe me, you WON’T find another so comprehensive program that tackles the complete website set-up process from A to Z and gives you the knowledge, resources and support to create a website that fits into your marketing strategy!


This Is So Different From Any Other Programs You Saw On The Market About Website Set-Up!


It is NOT just a ‘how-to’ WordPress guide!

It is NOT just a website design crash course!

And it’s NOT just a website set-up training!

The Client-Catching Coaching Websites Program is specifically designed to pull all the pieces of the big website puzzle together so that you end up with a site that really sells!

The unique process you’re going to follow in this program will help you start your website project at the right end and focus on one step at a time (what a relief, right?).

In this home study program you’ll discover (see detailed content):

 Your magic website concept (Module #1)

 Your website’s marketing angle / branding (Module #2)

 Your authentic copy (Module #3)

 Quick implementation – This is where we put everything together and you’ll create your outsourcing brief, ready to be handed over to your designer (Module #4)

 Do-it-yourself implementation – This is for you if you want to take your website project fully into your hands (Module #5)

PLUS you’ll receive step-by-step ‘how-to’ information, video tutorials, exercises, resources, links and info on where to turn for more support – so that you’ll be taken care of at every step of the website set-up process.

Here’s the cherry on the top: you can go through this program from the comfort of your home, at your pace – no travel costs, no costly phone calls, no appointments in your agenda!

And I also included an optional private session with me in case you would like my individualized help, feedback or critique for your website concept or materials.



Let’s Have A Peek At What Exactly You’ll Learn In The Program – And How You’ll Build A Client-Magnet Marketing Weapon Quickly And With Ease!

Module #1: Create Your Winning Website Concept

  Nail down your niche – Knowing your ideal clients and their main challenges is fundamental to the success of your website (don’t worry, I will give you some powerful exercises that will help you break this down into easy pieces)

  Identify your result system & core message – This is the essence of your communication with your clients

  Design your marketing funnel – And how your website fits into your overall marketing strategy

  Set your website objectives & decide on what functionalities you’ll need – You will find out why you cannot skip this very important step that sets your business up for success (I have a simple but eye-opening exercise for this)

Module #1 comes with a training video, slides, MP3 recording, an Action Guide and these bonus items:

bonus item “30 Questions To Identifying Your Winning & Authentic Niche” Workbook
bonus item MP3 Recording of My Expert Interview with Niche Strategist Cindy Schulson

At the end of Module #1:  

You’ll know who your ideal clients are, what single message you want to communicate to them, how you can build your product or service portfolio around this and define how your website will fit into your marketing strategy. Just imagine the clarity all this will bring into your business straight away…


Module #2: Design Your Site’s Marketing Angle (Branding)

 Craft your powerful website branding in 4 steps


 How to choose your domain name & set your title, tagline, header and search keywords

  Create your irresistible free offer (do it well and this will lead to a flood gate of subscribers to your list) and and set your conversion process (opt-in)

  Define your website content structure – What exactly are the pages you’ll need (it’s not what you think!) so that you’ll put your efforts into the right things

Module #2 comes with a training video, slides, MP3 recording, an Action Guide and this bonus item:

bonus item How To Create Your Free Irresistible Offer” Training – Get my 4 steps and 4 tips to create, position and name your free offer

At the end of Module #2: 

You’ll have all your important website branding elements ready (to be used by you or given out to your designer) and you’ll have your most crucial marketing step (your opt-in) set to explode your list. You’ll also have clarity with your website structure. Just imagine how this step will help you attract your ideal clients AND get them sign up


Module #3: Craft An Extraordinary Web Copy That Sells

  Uncover the secret of how to really talk to your tribe on your website – See some powerful examples of good (and bad) website copies

  Understand why your headlines matter (it’s not just what you think!) – This is what 85% of coaches make wrong and I’ll tell you what it should be like

  Discover what copywriting style works best for your target group PLUS get my 4 keys, my 4-step formula, my 13-step process and checklist to craft a powerful sales copy that sells

  Create a killer home page, opt-in and bio copy that gives you the credibility and gets your ideal clients take the next step with you

  Set up your sidebar strategy – Yepp, your sidebar has an important place in your website’s marketing strategy

Module #3 comes with a training video, slides, MP3 recording, a Resource  Guide and this bonus item:

bonus item Expert Resource with Copywriter & Your $kaChing!$ Marketing Strategist Michele PW


At the end of Module #3: 

You’ll have a good understanding of how to word your website content so that it speaks to your tribe and you’ll know how to craft your copies that will entice and direct your prospects to the next step. Just imagine how you’ll turn interested prospects into eager customers with far less marketing…


Module #4: Quick Implementation

  Define your website platform, choose your hosting company, register your domain name – And you’ll also get my personal recommendation for these and the reason why I think they’re good

  7 criteria to finalize your website feel & prepare your brief to the designer – This is the final step in putting all information together from what you’ve learned in the program so far, following my simple template

  Outsource with ease – This is my personal outsourcing guide which answers where, how, when, what and for how much to outsource and pitfalls to avoid

  Fine-tune your site & put your website on autopilot – Receive some small tips and tricks to make the most of your website and find out how to link it to Paypal, your autoresponder and social media so that it runs fully automated

Module #4 comes with a training video, slides, MP3 recording, an Action Guide and these bonus items:

bonus item MP3 Recording of My Expert Interview with WordPress Expert Sandra de Freitas
bonus item Work with my designer – check out these very affordable, complete Web Design Packages that I put together in cooperation with my web designer

At the end of Module #4: 

You’ll have a clear plan to follow to set your website up. You’ll know exactly what you need to do and in what order. You’ll be familiar with the ABC of outsourcing and you’ll get further tips on how to fine-tune and automate your website. Just imagine how you can spare your precious time when following these simple steps and tips (during and after your website set-up) and how you can avoid costly mistakes with your outsourcing.


Module #5: Do-It-Yourself Implementation

  Design your unique WordPress site – I’ll guide you through the nuts of bolts of setting up your WordPress site that is unique and reflects your branding and core message with zero to very low investment

  Tips on how to work efficiently with WordPress – Including the most important functionalities you need to know and more (installation, themes, plugins, images, content protection, opt-in integration, payment acceptation, social sharing, your website stats etc.)

  Get search engines find you – Some simple tasks you can do yourself to drive traffic to your site easily, even if you are not a techie person (yes, we are talking about Search Engine Optimization!)

Module #5 comes with a training video, slides, MP3 recording, a Resource Guide and these bonus items:

bonus item MP3 Recording of my Expert Interview with Coach & SEO Expert Paolo Grisendi
bonus item The Ultimate WP Guide – video guide with 40 video tutorials on how to set up and run your WordPress site
bonus item Putting Up Your First Blog Content – Easy & Fast” Training – I will share with you my tips on 7 sources, 30 content ideas, 5 ingredients and 3 bonus tips around writing & putting up your first blog articles quickly, without much time investment

At the end of Module #5:  

You’ll be ready to set up your website on WordPress yourself and how to work with it efficiently. You’ll also get invaluable tips on driving traffic to your website. Just imagine, how quickly you can have your own website up and running – a website that stands-out, attracts clients and converts them.



This Program Is The Answer To Your Question Whether You Want To Set Up A New Website Or Remake Your Rusty One


 If you’re just about to set up your new website
imagine how much relief it will be for you to have a clear roadmap to follow – no more worry about complex and technical details, about website and outsourcing traps, about making a financial fiasco with your investment.

In this program you’ll have a clear plan that will tell you what you need to do and when – and where to turn for more support. Really, the whole sequence of steps is laid out in this program, as easy to follow as 123.

All you need to do is to put aside time to work through the exercises (it’s about your website, your business after all!) and follow the materials as I guide you through the whole process.

If you have a website already, then just think of this – by going through the modules of this program you’ll get invaluable insights about what’s not working with your site and will give you the knowledge to turn that around. Just pinpoint the weak links, decide on corrective action and apply (and see a flood gates of clients opening up for you who are rushing to your website, signing up to your list and buying your products and programs).

 If you are thinking of setting up your website by yourself, then you’ll find Module #5 especially helpful. It is all about Do-It-Yourself Implementation and please notice the Bonus Item I included there – The Ultimate WordPress Guide with over 40 video tutorials on setting up and running WordPress… And I shouldn’t forget to mention you the numerous resources I give you all throughout this program – my personally recommended themes, plugins, tools and partners, you’ll love them!

 If you think of hiring a designer, you shouldn’t overlook Module #4. This is where we put everything together – all pieces of the Big Website Project Puzzle (concept, branding & wording). And this is where you’ll be putting together your outsourcing brief. What more, I’ll give you priceless information on what, where, how and for how much to outsource so that you avoid hiring the wrong people that will just sabotage the success of your project!

 If you like working through programs like this at your own pace, the good news are – you can! This program was developed with the aim of giving you all the information, exercises and tools so that you can work at your pace, from the comfort of your home. This way you don’t rely on other group members’ speed and commitment, you move forward as you wish.

 If you prefer to have personalized help, here’s something you shouldn’t overlook: I included in this program an optional private session with me where you can get my feedback and critique on your website concept and materials or just get your questions answered. If you opt for this, remember to choose the additional session on your order form!

Is there anything else I didn’t cover here? Is your case different?

Let’s talk – just drop me an email and shoot me your questions. Really! I want to make sure you enroll in this program with a peace of mind.

And talking about peace of mind, here’s my iron-clad guarantee…

Talking About Peace Of Mind, Here’s My Iron Clad Guarantee…


I’m so excited for you already to join this program because I know how unique it is in the approach, content and resources you’ll receive. Once you go through it, I’m sure you’ll feel super empowered to create your own client-catching website and if you put into practice all those strategies and tips I’m sharing with you, you’ll attract so much more clients – turned into profits.

If you still feel that for some reason you’re not getting everything you expected from this program, just contact me within 30 days of the purchase date and I’ll give you a 100% refund of your program fee, no questions asked.

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